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Welcome to my lifestyle page, I’m Karen Hewitt. I grew up in the UK but moved to Arizona USA on a whim! I never was the girly girl or the popular girl. I was the girl that preferred books; a total introvert.

After moving to the USA, I gave up on myself, my appearance, my self-worth and my happiness. I felt ugly and unlovable thanks to an extremely abusive and violent marriage.

Since meeting my now and forever love, James, we have had five amazing kiddos that we homeschool. Our youngest is developmentally delayed. But I found myself and my confidence again.

Here you will find all things to do with our crazy homeschooling lifestyle, being a mom of a large family, beauty, fashion, hair, and a journey to self-confidence and mindset tips and tricks!

We are digital nomads living with complete freedom and creativity while living on a school bus, traveling with our kids and showing them this world.

My dream is to help others find that inner fire and self-confidence that comes through self-care and loving yourself, so that each of you can reach those dreams and do the things that set your soul on fire.

I am forever grateful that makeup is what began my self-confidence journey, and I will be sharing that and so much more.

Thank you so much for coming by to support my family and me! 

Love, joy and abundance

Love Karen

Have a Career at HOME!

It really doesn't matter, if you are a stay at home mom or dad, work full time, part time, are a student.

This Business is FOR EVERYONE. I am here to show you that everything you are dreaming about is possible!

My mission is to enrich as many lives as possible by guiding them and mentoring them to reach those heights and doing those things that mean the world to them!

Choose to be a beauty influencer today and lock arms with me.

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There was a choice to make, and I decided to take trauma and turn it to good!

Choosing to give back and grow has been a huge part of my life and I hope you may choose to support these efforts or just use the content to help you .

Why Didn't You Leave

The hardest question after I left my violent marriage was 'why didnt I leave when it started"

Be Brave

It left me agoraphobic and scared, and every time that question was asked I would think that because I didnt leave I brought it on myself. I started to collect stories and resources of hope!

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Child CPR Awareness

Almost losing my youngest to drowning in Oct 2019, I learned because I knew CPR it made the difference

Know How

After openly sharing my story, many parents shared that they didn't know CPR and didn't have access, so we started to pull tips, techniques and lists of classes available to help.

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Blossom To Success

I share all my FREE training and coaching for network marketing, life and NLP

Be Authentic

As a certified Life and NLP coach I share techniques I have learned in my business to help others achieve high levels of success. Teach social media, attraction marketing, self care, and so much more as a resource for you HERE

Home Skoolie Adventure

Join our adventure as a family of 7 living in under 300 square feet with the world as our yard!

Be Wise

We are following our dreams of homeschooling our munchkins and living a creative life being digital nomads which we blog about HERE


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